Wednesday, March 2, 2016

India the Second

This is another recipe from Sadie, and therefore from the Kerala region. We went the vegetarian route this time and picked Aloo Gobi, a cauliflower dish. According to the description this food is in Bend it Like Beckham? I don't remember that particular scene but I now have some high school religion class memories coming back...

It said to cut the cauliflower into eighths, which still made some pretty big chunks. Eight of them, in fact. I think this part may have either been lost in translation or I had an abnormally large head of cauliflower.

I also apparently didn't take pictures during the process? As always, it started by sauteeing some onions. Then more coriander (but really cilantro), turmeric, and other spices. Seeing any similarities from last time?

There were also potatoes in addition to the cauliflower to get coated in the curry sauce. It called for Garam Masala as well and more cilantro added at the end. I'm seeing lots of trends.

Completed dish: very colorful.

The pieces of cauliflower that ended up breaking apart and therefore actually getting spices all over them were really yummy. That part worked really well. But the giant eighth-of-a-head ones? Not so much. Most of it was just plain cauliflower and not even perfectly cooked or anything.

The girls loved it though.

Emily likes eating Indian food and markers.
Amelia says cheeeeeeeeese.
I think this recipe is worth trying, just cut up your cauliflower more thoroughly. It had a decent kick but wasn't overwhelming by any stretch. A little bit closer to Indian food I have had here in the states, but still different enough to make it a good thing to try.

One more stop in India before I made myself move on!

Next time: India the Third