Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Ugh, losing everything you wrote is awesome.  Let's try this again...

Guatemala is a Central American nation slightly smaller than the size of Pennsylvania.  There are over 14.5 million people living there, and the capital city is Guatemala City.  Learn more on the CIA World Factbook.

I didn't have anything in mind when looking for a recipe to make for Guatemala.  When I saw Guatemalan Tacos (second on the page), however, I figured it was a match made in heaven.  We do Taco Tuesdays almost every week, but these were definitely different than the heavily seasoned meat + flour tortillas we were used to.  Plus there were ingredients I wasn't used to using.  Perfect!

This was also the first around the world cooking after the twins were born.  In fact, they were four months old by this time.  Wasn't going to get anything done before that.
Amelia left, Emily right
Around the time of this dinner
So anyway, back to cooking.  Boil some potatoes and cook some beef and onions.  So far, nothing new or exciting.  Except that my tacos don't usually have potatoes in them.
The tomatillos, garlic, jalapeno, and cilantro all get blended together, then the avocados.  The tomatillos are something I know about but have never really used at home.  This combination of stuff makes a kinda glowy-green glob.
The meat and potatoes mixture goes inside the corn tortillas, while the goo goes on top.  Tacos!

Brendan was on the all-dressing diet at the time.
These were disappointingly bland, at least for our taste.  The filling was meh.  Wrapping potatoes in a corn tortilla isn't exactly my idea of a good time.  And while the sauce had a kick from the jalapeno, it was kinda boring.  Spice but no flavor.  Not complex at all.

So that was our adventure with Guatemala.  It will not be going on our Taco Tuesday rotation, but it was more than edible.  I still like flour tortillas better, though.

Next time: Guinea

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  1. I am glad i saw this.. Made me smile, Danielle. I love your writing! I love bland..but i can see me adding some tomato sauce or Joe's favorite Heinz catsup to the meat mixture. LOL.