Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Germany: The Failure

First, a note.  The following happened over the winter, but I am writing this in the fall.  Ridiculous, yes?  You want to know what is harder than having time and energy to cook and write while having three kids two and under?  Having the time and energy to cook and write while having a toddler and being pregnant with twins.  It laid me out.  I could barely make dinner every day, nonetheless something special.

But - despite lack of sleep, lots of nursing, and more diaper changes, I feel much better now.  So let's get back to this, okay?  Starting with writing about the things I did a while ago.

Anyway, Germany.  My international cookbook had a recipe the really appealed to me: Schweinelendchen im Schwarzbratmantel (Pork Tenderloin in a Dark Bread Crust).  You take a seared pork loin and wrap it in a crust of rye bread crumbs, ground pork, and eggs.  You then poach it.  Delicious, no?  Worth coming back to Germany even after already doing one day of it!

This was supposed to be served with a pork or beef demi-glace.  Great!  Where do I get that?  Or how do I make it?  I went to the store, certain I could find it.

Do you know what demi-glace is?  It is a stock plus an espangnole sauce.  A what?  Some stock and roux and a bunch of other stuff.  It is supposed to be delicious and awesome and not something you really just buy in a store.  You could order some online for a ridiculous amount of money.  Or I could make it by following a recipe like this one.  This included finding 7 pounds of beef marrow bones and a lot of other things that required me to follow links on how to make them.  Very much a meta-recipe.  Given how tired and off I was at the time I just...gave up.  I had already bought all of the other ingredients (except rye bread crumbs), but I couldn't do it.  Just looking at making a demi-glace made me want to go to sleep.

So I apologize, Germany.  You did not get the look I had hoped to give you.  Maybe someday.  We'll meet and have a date.  With beer.

Next time: Ghana