Friday, June 29, 2012

Recap #2 (26-50)

Wow, it has really been a while.  Apparently life gets in the way of stuff like this.  Luckily I am starting this writing before the baby comes.  Maybe I'll finish it before the baby is born.  Maybe.

Note: Now, as I am about to post this, I can tell you that it is looking pretty good that it will get posted before the baby comes...


-This time, there were no countries in Oceania that I cooked.  That will change next time.  I did do the other 5 continents (Antarctica as always excluded).      
Africa: 11; Burkina FasoBurundiCameroonCape VerdeCentral African RepublicChadComorosCongo (Democratic Republic of the)Congo (Republic of the)Cote d'Ivoire,, that was a lot      
Asia: 4; Burma (Myanmar)CambodiaChinaCyprus      
Europe: 4; BulgariaCroatia, Czech RepublicDenmark
North America: 4; CanadaCosta RicaCuba, Dominica      
South America: 2; ChileColombia
-There were two specialty posts, not including this one.

            China Day 2 and China Day 3
-I took me about 12 months to get here.  Don't judge.

-I didn't hit any new states to cook in this time...just Virginia and Colorado.  That means only three total (with Michigan)
-These countries represent about 24% of the world's population, according to my calculations and various sources.  China definitely makes an impact.
-Breakdown of the base (usually meat) of each meal.  It doesn't add up perfectly, because sometimes there was more than one.  Plus, I cooked multiple dishes for China.
Beef: 10      
Bacon: 1  
Chicken: 9
Duck: 1
Goat: 1
Ham: 2        
Pork: 6      
Sausage: 1
Shrimp: 1
Vegetarian (2): ChadCosta Rica


I had a really hard time voting with this set of 25.  I had 6 favorites listed and only 4 least favorites.  I finally made myself decide, but it definitely wasn't easy.

Top Recipes (Number of Votes)

China (2)
Cyprus (2)
Bulgaria (1)
Burma (1)
Central African Republic (1)
Czech Republic (1)
Djibouti (1)
Dominica (1)
Kevin and I were a bit more varied this time.  This is why it is always good to get two opinions!  It was also difficult to remember how we felt about something that we ate a year ago.  Oops.  Last time we liked a lot from South America and not much from Africa.  It looks like things are changing!

Least Favorites (Number of Votes)
Burkina Faso (2)
Chad (2)
Congo (Republic of the) (2)
Cameroon (1)
Chile (1)
Congo (Democratic Republic of the) (1)
Croatia (1)
Well then, that's a little more uniform.  Unfortunately, while Africa had some highlights for us, it also had some low points.  The biggest thing I have to keep in mind it to not just future African recipes based on these past experiences.  I will find different recipes, improve in my cooking, extend my palate.

Recipes I Most Wish I Could Redo
Cambodia - If only to get the coconut part to work.
Chile - Again, I think this was an ingredient problem, not a recipe problem.  It wouldn't take too much for this to work out pretty well.

-I noticed that some pictures and links are broken on old posts, plus the formatting got weird.  I hope to clean some of this stuff up.
-I am also going to make it a project to clean up the tags on my posts.  Some are unnecessary, others are confusing.  I started removing some of them already.

Next 25

I really can't make too many promises, because obviously our lives are changing drastically.  However, I have no plans to stop.  I don't know when the next summary post will be, but it will contain one country I have visited, and we will continue our tour of Africa.  Actually by the time the next set is done, I will have gone through almost 50% of Africa, but only about 40% of the world's countries.

This time, I was the one that grew, not Tesla:
Camping last Memorial Day.
Due date picture (yesterday).  I think the smile will get smaller with every day...

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