Saturday, March 26, 2011

Belgium, The Sequel

You didn't really think I could do Belgium without waffles, did you?  The website I linked to last time had a recipe, and we have a waffle maker.  Perfect combination!

For once, I had all of the ingredients the recipe called for.  At least when I halved it, which, can you believe it, is what I did.  I had even recently acquired a flour sifter via Kohl's cash.  Perfectly situated.

Originally the plan was to do this all in one day, but later decided that the waffles would be better as brunch the next day.  Mostly, you mix a lot of things.  I got smart and actually used an electric mixer for this one.  See?  I learn from my mistakes.  Sometimes.
My egg separating skills have improved dramatically.
Look at those peaks!
Shiney new sifter.  Now someone has to tell me how to clean these things after the fact.
I tried to get a picture of sifting in action, but it was too blurry.
After that it is really just "make in waffle maker."  While that was happening, I also made some whipped cream with the cream leftover from the mousse + sugar.

Look at me getting all of this use out of my mixer!
But, as almost always, some things went awry.  Horribly horribly awry.  Our waffle maker is supposed to beep when it is done, but it never does.  And sometimes the waffles turn out great, other times not-so-much.  I bet you can guess what this one did.
Does not look very appetizing.
Other side of the multiple personality waffle.
For the second one I put in more batter because I was worried that that was the problem.  Same thing.  Then there wasn't much left over.
Set the table!  Oh wait, it is full of ROCKET.  Nevermind, then.  Set the coffee table!
Have you ever seen such a beautiful stack of waffles?
FYI, that really is sunlight coming in.  So exciting.
The waffles really weren't as bad as they look, but they weren't what you want out of a Belgian waffle either.  I blame this one completely on my waffle maker.  For once, I'm not convinced that I screwed it up.  Although it is possible.

Thanks for the advice that people have given me, especially surrounding the Bangladesh post.  I like that suggestion of how to peel a tomato, Sylvie, plus pointing out the chicken difference.  I like learning things I can take into my "normal" cooking.  I also got an e-mail saying that I should drain the pot if I make chicken with the skin on.  Makes a lot of sense, and will be taken into account next time.  I wanted to call these things out so that other people can learn from them as well.

In response to Amy on The Bahamas, I considered finagling a double-boiler out of what I had, but that would just give me one more thing to blame if things went wrong.  I don't do too well with uncertainty, in case you can't tell.  And as for the first Belgium post, can I hire you to come whip my egg whites for me (if you know what I mean)?  And I think you may be right about the duck fat.

Thanks, all, for reading!

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  1. Homemade whipped cream is the best.

    Your tiny third waffle is the cutest waffle I ever did see. It kind of looks like scary spiderweb fingers, but also kind of like a snowflake. You should frame it.

  2. First of all, it should be Kohl's Kash, no? MARKETING IDEA, KOHL'S.

    Secondly DON'T WASH THE SIFTER. I made this terrible mistake once, and ruined the sifter because, as I should've remembered from my paper mache days, flour + water = basically glue.

    SO DO NOT WASH IT. Unless you want it to be locked up for days, and you'll have to use more Kohl's Kash, or Macy's Money, or perhaps actual legal tender for a new sifter.