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 Rebuilding after a 27 year civil war that ended in 2002.
Gained independence from Portugal in 1975.
Size: Over 1.2 sq km, 23rd largest in the world, slightly less than twice the size of Texas
Water: 0 sq km
Location: South Africa, bordering the South Atlantic Ocean
Population: Over 13 million
Second-highest death-rate in the world
Religious followings: 47% indigenous
Literacy rate: 52% for women

Angola started out very promising.  I was able to find a large number of recipes.  After going through a lot of websites and a lot of different stuff, I settled on this one for Chicken Muamba.

It seemed fairly simple while using stuff that I wouldn't normally used.  Besides, I also found it on other sites as well.  Seems like a recipe for success, right?

I went ahead and made a list and went to the store.  Chicken?  Check.  Tomatoes?  Check.  Okra?  Wait a minute.  No okra here.  Nyembwe sauce?  Nope.  What about palm nuts?  None in the store.  The other substitutes I found?  Nada.  So let's try Whole Foods!

Not there either.  Harumph.

That's when I came to you guys!  Thanks for the help.  I decided to go with this recipe (Thanks Aunt Bonnie!)

I remember finding this before, and then I remembered again why I hadn't picked it again.  I didn't have a broiler pan.  Only one way to solve this.
Thank you, Target!
And so we were off.  I don't even think I had to go to the store to pick up any ingredients.
It was a bit difficult to do, since there really wasn't much direction.  Just, mix these things in some quantity and go.  I'm not so good at that stuff yet.  We went with marinade 4 and used paprika instead of pepper, since I don't like spicy things.
I didn't have time to let it set overnight, but it was there for over an hour.
A little direct paprika for extra flavor.
Then...cook.  There isn't much to show in this recipe since there wasn't much to do.
So, I guess it is time to set the table.  Not very exciting, eh?
Yes, that is the leftover Andorran rice, what do you want from us?
Tupperware servers.
The verdict?  Meh.  The flavor didn't penetrate.  It just tasted like generic, boring chicken.  Ho hum.
Probably not enough marinade.  Probably not left there long enough.  Probably should have used a smaller piece of chicken.

Ugh.  I wanted to try one of the other recipes.  Something a little more exotic and exciting.  Wasn't that what this was supposed to be about?  Hopefully I can begin to find fun and new things.

Anyway, onto what I said I would talk about.  Here is a LiveJournal entry from Sylvie's friend:


I would recommend looking at some of the links and other information too.  Neil Gaiman wrote about it, and other famous people as well.  It is interesting...and also ridiculous.  Bah.

Also, I kinda like the blog idea?  It might be easier to use than Facebook.  Know of any good ones?  Ones that will also let me post it to Facebook in any way?

Next one should be coming up soon...already cooked and ready to write.  And some of them after that are in my recipe book!

Last time: Andorra
Next time: Antigua and Barbuda

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