Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Brief Recap (1-25)

The idea for this post really came from Kevin.  Because apparently he didn't read Azerbaijan.  But anyway...this format will probably work a little better anyway.  Reviewing after every letter doesn't work.  B's go (are still going...) on forever, where as H will feel like it barely happened.

Twenty-five is a good milestone for a number of reasons, but perhaps most importantly because it should be about 6 months.  Eek!  Half a year and it feels like I have barely gotten anywhere.  Such is the life of a...well, I'm not really sure what I am, to be honest.

There is no recipe to follow for this, so I'll try some things out and see what happens.  Ready?  Break!

-I have cooked from every continent except Antarctica (and that one is never going to happen).  Please note that some countries are tagged as both Europe and Asia as they identify with both.  I only counted them once below.
      Africa: 4; Algeria, Angola, Benin, Botswana
      Asia: 7; Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei
      Europe: 6; Albania, Andorra, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina
      North America: 4; Antigua and Barbuda, (The) Bahamas, Barbados, Belize
      Oceania: 1; Australia
      South America: 3; Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil
-There were four specialty posts, not including this one.
      Around the World in the Hetzel Kitchen, No Country for Anyone, Belgium, the Sequel, Brazil, the Conclusion
-I took me about 7 months to get here.
-While most of my meals have been cooked in Virginia, there have been special guest appearances in Denver and Grand Rapids.  That's three states so far.
-These countries represent about 8.14% of the world's population, according to my calculations and Wikipedia.
-My most popular non-meat ingredients were:
       Onion, or Onion Powder: 20!
       Potato: 6
-Assuming that meat is the base of the recipe, as it usually is, here is another breakdown.  It won't add up because some things (IE Brazil) had more than one meat.
       Beef: 7
       Bacon: 3
       Chicken: 8
       Ham: 1
       Lamb: 2
       Pork: 5
       Veal: 1
       Vegetarian (2): Andorra, Barbados

I looked at all of the posts to decide my five favorites and five least favorites and then asked Kevin to do the same.  For good, I thought back to the recipes I still crave.  For not-so-good, it was those that we didn't even keep for leftovers.

Top Recipes (Number of Votes)
Afghanistan (2)
Austria (2)
Barbados (2) A vegetarian dish making the cut?  Kevin, are you okay?
Argentina (1)
Bahrain (1)
Bolivia (1)
Brazil (1)

All of the South American countries received at least one vote.  Other than that it is all over the place.

Least Favorites (Number of Votes)
Albania (2)
Azerbaijan (2)  A note on dolma.  Kevin and I went to a Turkish restaurant this weekend, and tried some.  We liked it.  It had different filling, but most importantly the grape leaves weren't as strong.  Perhaps soaking the leaves longer to get rid of the preservatives would have helped.
Bosnia and Herzegovina (2)
Angola (1)
Benin (1)
Botswana (1)
Brunei (1)

Africa did not do so well.  Hopefully things will start looking up.

Recipes I Most Wish I Could Redo
Antigua and Barbuda - This one had so much potential and a great description.  Someone please try this one out!
(The) Bahamas - I have actually received some additional information about this one since cooking it.  I have been waiting to put the updates in, but maybe I'll do that post soon.  We'll see, won't we?
Bolivia - I should also be getting some updated information on this one, so we can all learn a bit more!

Where will the next 25 take us?  I won't give everything away but can guarantee that we will get out of the B's (finally).  There are two more countries I have been to, and hopefully some more embassies will get involved.  I know that I am excited and you should be too.

-I added a few more blogs to the blogroll - some cooking, some not.
-I wish I could do CSS so I could make this thing look better.  Alas.
-This summer is going to get interesting with weddings and visitors and camping and...we'll see how this goes.

And finally...a comparison to show how much has changed in this time:
Tiny kitten Tesla.
All big and grown up and with a "you can't tell me what to do" attitude.
 Next time: Bulgaria

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